Auxiliary relays

Latching Relays

Relays with 2 stable output contact positions. Depending on which coil is fed, the output contacts will change from one position to another. The Arteche relay is designed not to consume power while stable or operate simultaneously on two coils.

Our standar relays are equipped with 3, 4, 8 and 16 inverter contact relays (models BF-3, BF-4, BJ-8, BI-16) as standard relays. This range is complemented with:

  •     Relays with free wheel diode, parallel to the coil, models BF-3BB, BF-4BB, BJ-8BB;
  •     Trip and interlocking relays, models BF-3R, BF-4R, BJ-8R.

Latching Auxiliary Relays