The 120 MW Girasol Solar Park, the Largest in the Antilles, is Already in Operation

12 Jul 2021
The commissioning of the Girasol solar power plant has increased photovoltaic generation in the Dominican Republic by 50%. This plant is equipped with our Control and Protection System, our Power Quality equipment, and our High Voltage Instrument Transformers

We have commissioned the 120 MW Girasol solar farm. Thanks to this plant, the largest in the Antilles, the Dominican Republic has increased its photovoltaic generation by 50%. 

The plant is composed of 268,000 solar panels, which have a system of trackers unique in the country, which allows them to rotate following the path of the sun to increase its energy production. In order to inject the energy produced into the National Interconnected Electric System, a 150 MVA power substation and a 10 kilometer long 138 kV transmission line have also been installed. 

Benefits of the park:

The park, which extends over 220 hectares in the municipality of Yagüate, in the province of San Cristóbal in the Dominican Republic, has the following social benefits:

arteche generación solar

Estimated annual generation of 240,000 MWH

arteche consumo hogares

Equivalent to the consumption of more than 100,000 homes

arteche emisiones co2

It will prevent the emission of 150,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere

arteche barriles

It will avoid importing 400,000 barrels of oil 

Our contribution to the project

arteche parque solar girasol

The Control and Protection System is based on Arteche's family of IEC 61850 Control and Automation equipment, the saTECHrange, which form a platform to monitor, automate and remote control substations safely and efficiently: 

Likewise, in order to mitigate Power Quality phenomena when interconnecting the park to the national grid and to ensure compliance with the Grid Code and system stability, we have developed Electrical Studies for Renewable Energy Grid Connection and supplied our Capacitor Banks of 10 MVAr at 34.5 kV with current limiting reactors.

This project has also counted with our Current Transformers and our 145 kV Inductive Voltage Transformers, as well as our Power Voltage Transformers (PVT or SSVT), designed to supply low voltage power directly from a high voltage line. 


The 120 MW Girasol Solar Park, the Largest in the Antilles, is Already in Operation