2019 Annual Report published

26 Jun 2020
Throughout the year, we’ve hit important landmarks while continuing to innovate in terms of products and solutions

As part of the Arteche Group’s commitment to transparency, we're making public our 2019 Annual Report. This report describes the organization’s most notable and emblematic activities throughout the year.

A close and trusting relationship allows us to move forward together with our customers in the transformation of the electricity sector.

During 2019 the Arteche Group has grown more than 15% with respect to the previous year thanks to the diversification of our offer and our geographical presence. We have increased our share in the renewable energy generation sector by 135.7%.

One of the main reasons for this success is based on proximity, in offering a global service with a vocation of closeness.

We live in times of change in the world of technology.

Arteche has dedicated more than 120,000 hours and 140 people to R&D&I, investing more than 3% of the Group's contracting.

Our intense and sustained dedication to Innovation is reflected in the fact that more than 80% of Arteche contracting is generated in updating equipment over the past three years. Arteche has not acted alone in developing these endeavors: of the 117 Innovation projects carried out over the year, 17% more than last year, almost half of them have been executed in collaboration with third parties.

Excellent organizations generate greater value and better results.

In Arteche we have always bet on excellence, which has become one of the values we show, an area of the organization, and an attitude of all of us who are part of this organization. Because we believe that excellent organizations generate greater value and better results.

It is worth noting that, compared with the previous year, we reduced our own electricity consumption by 2.7% and water consumption by 11.8%. We have done all of this in order to create a sustainable future for all.

Our daily work consists of actions aimed at ensuring a healthy ecosystem, and our end results are people giving the best of themselves.

Like people, organizations learn and unlearn. There is much talk of change in many different environments, including business, and we tend to say that our organization adapts to change. This is why the development of those of us who are part of Arteche is key to the development of our project. In 2019, the group offered more than 23,000 hours of training to its employees.

You can find detailed information about this and other milestones in our Annual Report.



2019 Annual Report published