Control and automation devices

Intelligent electronic devices for substation and power system automation.

Arteche has wide experience designing and manufacturing electronic devices for measurement, control, monitoring and automation applications, specially focused on substations and electric systems. Since 1971, the pronounced and innovative character of the Group has driven the development of electronic devices to operate, optimize and manage of power grids.

Because of that, now Arteche has the knowledge, cutting-edge technologies and an experienced staff for the development of smart electronic equipment adapted to the existing needs of the electric industry.

The actual range of equipment offers solutions to a wide range of applications, all of them in the field of real time electrical system automation for critical applications. From compact RTUs for distribution networks to IEC 61850 high-end substation and bay controllers and RTUs for high voltage substations.

Documentation and Support

Catálogo Automatización de Subestaciones
Ficha técnica saTECH SCU
Ficha técnica saTECH BCU
Ficha técnica saTECH RIO
Ficha técnica saTECH HMI
Ficha técnica saTECH XBU 4U
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Ficha técnica saTECH SynchroStar GPS 200
Ficha técnica SUB-ADF
Ficha técnica CCS-XBU-SCI
Ficha técnica TPG
Ficha técnica DISCON
Ficha técnica SOAL-UCI
Ficha técnica ENERCON+
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Ficha técnica mULC Extendida
Ficha técnica mULC-XBU
Ficha técnica RTU-ENERTEL+
Ficha técnica ENERCOMET-3G
Ficha técnica FOMSAC
Ficha técnica FOMSAC-MT
Ficha técnica FOMUX
Ficha técnica MORE-6
Ficha técnica NSR-MUX
Ficha técnica UFDIFU
Ficha técnica UFELEC
Ficha técnica UFMUX
Ficha técnica saTECH MCAB
Datasheet saTECH XBU 6U
Brochure Substation Automation Devices
Datasheet saTECH SCU
Datasheet saTECH BCU
Datasheet saTECH RIO
Datasheet saTECH SET
Datasheet saTECH HMI
Datasheet saTECH XBU 4U
Datasheet saTECH SynchroStar GPS 200
Datasheet auTECH DCU
Datasheet saTECH MCAB
Catálogo smART DM9300
Ficha de producto smART LAM
Flyer Medidor smART DM9300
Brochure smART DM9300
Datasheet smART LAM
Flyer smART DM9300 meter
Ficha de producto smART LAM México
Guía de especificación DM9300 México
Ficha técnica saTECH SynchroStar GPS 200
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