About 550 photographs from 35 countries have been submitted to the V artPhoto

27 Nov 2019
Here we present the four winning images of the V artPhoto

Almost 550 photographs, submitted from 35 different countries, have participated in the V artPhoto, the photography competition organized by the Arteche Group. This means doubling the number of contestants compared to the last edition.

The photographs, which have been sent from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, have shaped the daily use and social impact of electricity in our lives and the infrastructures that surround us in the following four categories:

  • Life and power
  • Electrical infrastructure and equipment
  • Arteche Products
  • Electrical framework

This edition of the competition has been a resounding success due to the high level of participation and the geographical dispersion of the photographs, as well as the technical and artistic quality of many of the images presented.

The following four photographs, in the opinion of the jury, were the ones that best captured the use and impact of electricity in each of the four categories.

  • Colourful Night Market, sent from Thailand by Hansa Tangmanpoowadol
  • Dubai, sent by Luis Sánchez Davilla from Dubai.
  • BNW, sent by our colleague José Alejandro González Agüero from Mexico.
  • En las alturas, sent by José Javier Bercianos Arregui.

From Arteche, we want to congratulate the winners of the competition for their magnificent photographs that are highly deserving of the prize, and wish to thank all the contestants for their participation in the IV artPhoto competition.

Colour Night Market



En las alturas

About 550 photographs from 35 countries have been submitted to the V artPhoto