Around the world in 75 days: Solidarity Run begins "Adding Energies"

15 Feb 2022
Arteche organizes the "Adding Energies" Solidarity Run in the year it celebrates its 75th anniversary. The solidarity objective is to facilitate the supply of electricity for a year to 75 families in disadvantaged situations.

On February 14, World Energy Day, the Solidarity Run "Adding Energies", organized by Arteche to coincide with its 75th anniversary, began. 

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The driving force behind this race is solidarity. The objective is to provide electricity supply for a whole year to 75 disadvantaged families in the different regions where Arteche is present. 

It is a flexible race, without circuit or route, in which you can participate in different modalities: walking, cycling or running. All kilometers done during 75 days, until April 29, will be added up through an application. It is expected that between all the people who participate, the amount of kilometers needed to go around the world will be added up. 

Internally, a joint outing has been organized from Arteche's Ultra-High Voltage Laboratory at 12 noon, which will be replicated at other company sites. This laboratory is one of the "75 places of interest" of the race, spaces that represent the history of the company and the sector in which it operates: the electricity sector. 

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#MovingTogether is Arteche's motto. In this spirit, other companies and entities have joined the initiative as sponsors to add energy to the project. 

Seventy-five years ago, Iberdrola became Arteche's first customer. Since then, the two companies have been working together to address the past, present and future challenges that the energy sector and society face internationally. For this reason, it has joined the solidarity project as a gold sponsor.

A journey of this nature needs many companions who join their energies to achieve the solidarity objective. Jema Irizar Group, Hitachi, Shemar, Krempel, Atlantic Forwarding Spain, Nynas, DSV, Urrutia Logistika and Omicron Energy, companies that have always walked alongside Arteche, have joined as silver and bronze sponsors. 

In addition, Cáritas is the non-profit organization that will channel the aid to the 75 disadvantaged families who will be provided with electricity supply. This organization, thanks to its extensive international network, has the necessary means to help in various countries. They will be the ones to identify the families who will receive the aid.

On the other hand, renowned sports figures such as Ziortza Villa, international ultra-distance runner, have also joined this initiative.

Around the world in 75 days: Solidarity Run begins "Adding Energies"