Arteche consolidates its brand in Egypt

20 Nov 2019
Almost 100 experts from the main electric companies and contractors of Egypt have participated in the technical seminar organized by Arteche on November 13th in Cairo

The Arteche Group has organized a technical seminar in Cairo in which about 100 engineers of the main electric and contracting companies of Egypt have participated, and in which our experts have presented the different solutions that we offer.

It has been a very participatory conference in which dozens of the best professionals of the electric sector of Egypt have had the opportunity to know our most recent innovations in depth and from a technical perspective.

In addition to our wide range of instrument transformers that we have been supplying to the region for more than 25 years, our speakers were able to delve into the characteristics of our power transformers SSVT as well as the new applications based on our optical current transformers. Moreover, there was great interest in the services associated with these products, in particular the Diagnostic of live TT Capacitors and the installation services of SSVT and Optical Transformers.

The expert from our Dubai office was able to present our Power Quality solutions and how their application in DEWA's Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, one of the largest in the world, allows the interconnection between the park and the grid.

We have also been able to describe in detail the characteristics of our auxiliary relays and test blocks, present in high-demand environments in the entire region, where we already have around 500,000 units installed in clients such as MEW, KNPC, KOC, SEC, DEWA, KNPC, OETC or PDO, among others.

The conference, which was very positively valued by all attendees, ended with the presentation of our value-added services based on our technologies and expertise, which help customers around the world improve the performance and reliability of their network and reduce service interruptions.

Arteche consolidates its brand in Egypt