Arteche joins RTE’s RINGO project

10 Sep 2020
The purpose of the project is to evaluate the storage of renewable electricity for the management of flows in the transmission grid.

The purpose of RINGO, RTE’s pilot project, is to evaluate electricity storage for the management of flows in the transmission grid. Approved by the CRE (French Energy Regulatory Commission), this experiment, distributed over three French sites, should make it possible to test the storage of occasional surpluses of renewable energy production (wind and solar).

One of the scopes of the RINGO project is to limit the losses of electricity production from renewable sources and thus contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions of the energy mix. In addition to providing greater flexibility to the electricity transmission grid, this experiment contributes to the development of a French electricity storage industry.

Ringo proyect

                                                          Source: HTTPS://WWW.RTE-FRANCE.COM

Arteche joined this visionary project by supplying RTE with high-precision, high-voltage measuring sets with special transformer ratios (KA series).
Our attentive listening, our agility as well as our know-how accumulated over almost 75 years allow us to respond to specific and particular needs for limited series productions.

Arteche thanks RTE for their confidence in us.

As a qualified partner of RTE, Arteche designs and manufactures instrument transformers and has been supporting the Electricity Transmission Network Operator for many years.
Our R&D and production units allow us to produce on a large scale while maintaining a high level of quality, but also enable us to produce limited series on demand.

We are proud of this strong and long-standing collaboration and partnership, which points to the challenges we will have to face in order to provide the grid with ever greater flexibility.

Please visit the following site to find out more about our range of high-voltage instrument transformers:

Arteche joins RTE’s RINGO project