Arteche launches its new Cybersecurity Laboratory

23 Mar 2021
Arteche's new cybersecurity laboratory allows us to respond to the cybersecurity needs of the electrical grid through our products and solutions

The importance of Cybersecurity in the high and medium voltage power grid is of increasing importance. This especially applies to their electronic equipment, the so-called IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices), whose characteristics and remote communication capabilities make them critical points in Smart Grids.

Arteche, as a manufacturer of substation automation and control equipment designed under IEC 61850 philosophy, it’s developing the necessary equipment and technologies to ensure the safety and resilience of the power grid according to IEC 62443 requirement. 

Arteche has opened a Cybersecurity Lab at its facilities in Madrid, aiming to a safer power grid. It is, according to its critical use, both a physically and digitally isolated space. Cybersecurity tests and pentesting (simulated attacks to detect vulnerabilities) are carried out in this lab to guarantee our product’s security. It’s also available for trainings regarding tools, ethical-hacking tactic and technics, vulnerability analysis and other related activities. 

This Lab also has IEDs virtualization capabilities, which combined with physical equipment allows us to reliably evaluate the security level of our systems by simulating real environments. This makes it possible to assess the impact of cybersecurity in a real substation without putting systems in production at risk.

Arteche launches its new Cybersecurity Laboratory