Arteche milestones

Arteche established 1946

Arteche is established

Founded in December of 1946, Arteche was initially devoted to the manufacture and sale of Instrument Transformers under license, in Spain. 

Instrument Transformers

Thanks to an agreement reached with a Belgian company, in which the founder of Arteche, Mr. Aurelio had worked while in exile during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, the enterprise begins its activity.

During the first years it manufactured and sold to Spain, its first instrument transformers of the brand Balteau.

Auxiliary Relays 1961

Auxiliary Relays

Arteche decides to begin manufacture of a new product, Auxiliary Relays.

Arteche launches a new product

The company takes note of the fact that clients buying metering transformers are also buying auxiliary relays. Two intrinsically linked products, usually purchased together.

Thus, after reaching an agreement with a French company, ICE-Paris, Arteche begins licensed production and sale of its new product in Spain. 

Ikaslan Technology Center 1969

Ikaslan Technology Center

Ikaslan was born as the first internal R&D department at Arteche.

First Arteche R&D project

In 1969 Arteche still manufactured and marketed instrument or “metering” transformers and auxiliary relays under a license, though there was a previous desire for independence.

Ikaslan was the first attempt at designing a new project from scratch: a complex product in system engineering. This was the first step towards its technological independence.

Technological Independence 1973

Technological Independence

Arteche develops and markets its own products.

Arteche achieves technological independence

The agreements that Arteche had reached for manufacture of the instrument transformers and auxiliary relays under licensed prevented it from innovating and developing its own products.

In 1973 both agreements concluded and Arteche undertakes a renewal of its products, as well as the development of its own machinery, equipment and solutions, through its own technological innovations.

First Exportation 1973

First Exportation

After reaching technological independence, Arteche sets out to market its products abroad.

Arteche opens up to the world

The agreements that Arteche had reached for manufacture of the instrument transformers and auxiliary relays under license also impeded their sale abroad, which clashed with the current will of the company.

After an overhaul of its equipment and its proprietary technology, in 1975 Arteche performed its first sale of an own product outside the country, validating the quality and high reliability of its solutions abroad. Today, customers in over 150 countries throughout the world place their trust in Arteche.

Arteche’s first protection relay

Protection relays

Arteche developed a new type of relay with its own technology, namely the digital electronic protection relay.

Arteche’s first protection relay

In 1976 Arteche reached a significant milestone in terms of innovation, by developing its first protection relay, resulting from the company’s intense endeavors in research and development, upon achieving Technological Independence.

This new protection relay was the response to a new kind of need, arising from the widespread implementation of electronics during the decade of the 70s.

First grounding Abroad

First grounding Abroad

Arteche establishes itself for the first time outside of Spain, in Venezuela.

Arteche established in South America

In 1979 CACEI is integrated into Arteche, leading to the company’s first established presence abroad. This constituting a clear sign of the enterprise’s international fate and drive.

This implemented expansion step takes place in Venezuela for several reasons. The founder spent seven years there in exile, during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, and some of his children were born there. Furthermore, it was an important market for Arteche, which it had already penetrated, securing access to all of South America.

765kV Instrument Transformer

The 765kV Instrument Transformer

Arteche develops its first 765kV instrument transformer.

Arteche achieves a voltage level of 765 kV

The levels of voltage were increasing year by year, and Arteche’s progress needs to evolve in tune with the industry’s needs and demand.

Thus, in 1981, Arteche created its first instrument transformer with a voltage level of 765 kV, the highest amount at the time, thereby taking a vanguard position at the sector’s forefront.

Electronic instrument transformers

Electronic instrument transformers

Arteche develops its first electronic metering transformer.

First electronic instrument transformer, voltage 400 kV

The electronic metering transformer is a technological challenge that Arteche researches for nearly 20 years.

Thanks to the support and confidence of large Spanish corporations, Arteche creates two prototypes for electronic instrument transformers reaching a voltage level of 400 kV and 132 kV, respectively.

First entry North America

First entry in North America

Arteche acquires Transformadores y Tecnología, thereby establishing itself in Mexico for the first time.

Arteche enters the Mexican sector

In 1993 Arteche acquires the Mexican company Transformadores y Tecnología, which becomes a part of Arteche.

In those years the Mexico Company produces instrument transformers up to 245 kV, also marketing on the continent, the higher-voltage transformers manufactured in its Spanish headquarters.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Arteche obtains the ISO-9001 quality certification standard, substantiating its commitment in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Arteche obtains the ISO-9001 quality standard

In 1994 Arteche obtains the ISO-9001 quality standard certification, which determines and oversees the highest requirements for Quality Management System.

This certification warrants Arteche’s devotion and CSR, in terms of design as well as development, production, installation and after-sales service.

Arteche Group

Arteche Group

In response to its continual diversification and international growth, the company proceeds into its new corporate form, Arteche Group

Arteche takes on a Group structure

The complexity arising from diversification and international growth experienced by Arteche in the previous years, leads to the company becoming the Arteche Group.

It is hereby that a single management structure is achieved, that oversees all associated and partly owned enterprises, establishing criteria and standards of quality and social responsibility that are unique world-wide.

Arteche established in Argentina AIT

Arteche established in Argentina

The Arteche group acquires AIT, a manufacturer of high-voltage instrument transformers, thus setting roots in Argentina.

Arteche arrives in Argentina

In 1998 Arteche acquires AIT, the Argentinian business devoted to the manufacture of Medium and High-Voltage Transformers, which is incorporated as part of Grupo Arteche.

AIT was the instrument-transformer manufacture section of an Argentine company previously part-owned by Usines Balteau, which was in turn fully taken over by Grupo Arteche.

Protection Monitoring Automation distribution

Protection, Monitoring and Automation of Distribution

Arteche gains entry to Brazil with EDC, acquiring its electrical systems and protection automation.

Arteche established in Brazil

In 2003 Arteche gains ground in Brazil, with Arteche EDC, integrating in its portfolio products of Brazil’s entire range of systems: protection, metering and various solutions for Automation in Distribution.

Arteche thus secures its presence in America, both in the northern and southern continents.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Arteche obtains the ISO-14001 quality certification standard that recognizes its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Arteche obtains the ISO-14001 quality standard

In 2003 Grupo Arteche obtains the ISO-14001 quality certification, which establishes the highest requirements for environmental protection.

This certification certifies the commitment Arteche has to the protection of the environment, thus further strengthening one of its main corporate values, that of CSR and engagement with the environment.

First entry Asia

First entry to Asia

Arteche institutes a joint venture with the Chinese enterprise Dalian, yielding the result of Arteche DYH.

Arteche reaches its third continent

With its arrival in China, Arteche is met with the largest manufacturer of electrical equipment in the world, material, new market with great potential for growth and draws nearer, subsequently, to other important markets. 

The ADYH plant, among the largest of Arteche’s, rapidly becomes a benchmark in the manufacture of instrument transformers. 

Solutions Energy Quality

Solutions in Energy Quality

Again in Mexico, Arteche acquires two companies that provide the group Grupo Arteche with its range of products focused on Energy Quality.

Arteche takes Energy Quality solutions on board

With the acquisition in the year 2005 of the enterprises Inelap and Medición y Tecnología, both Mexican, Grupo Arteche begins to offer quality solutions in Energy Quality.

The entire range of Condenser Banks and Harmonic Filters offered by Arteche are systems necessary for implementing, virtually any solution in Energy Quality.

Comprehensive Solutions Substation Construction

Comprehensive Solutions in Substation Construction

Combining competence and experience, Arteche makes available to the client the supply of integrated energy systems, developing customized solutions. 

Arteche offers solutions for Substations are turnkey, ready for immediate use

ARTECHE is an exemplary reference in the market segments for transmission and distribution of electrical energy, benchmarking integrated complete solutions in turnkey form, for the construction of sub-stations and high-voltage lines.

Wind Farms Turnkey projects

Wind Farms Turnkey projects

Pioneer in turnkey project management in the development of hydro-electric power, ARTECHE Turnkey Solutions integrates complete solutions for the construction of wind farms and solar-power complexes.

Arteche offers solutions ready for use, in wind farms and solar energy plants

A positioning that is founded on in-depth expertise and skill in different electrical systems, dynamic organizational management, customer-focus and considerable investment in research and development are the driving forces propelling the demands of the project section at ARTECHE Turnkey Solutions.

Arteche’s Technology Center

Arteche’s Technology Center

Arteche Centro de Tecnología is born, a company that manages various projects in R&D+i set forth by Grupo Arteche.

Grupo Arteche’s Center for Innovation

Centro de Tecnología is the Innovation Center for Grupo Arteche, an investiture in progress for Research and Development, to which Arteche devotes around 3% of its recruitment year after year.

Thanks to Arteche Center of Technology, a single unit is created, for the management of various research projects that it takes part in, within the different company departments.

Optical Current Transformers

Optical Current Transformers

Arteche becomes establishes in Australia, unfolding a new model for optical instrument transformers: the optical current transformer.

First presence in Australasia

Arteche institutes itself in Australasia, thereby setting a base on its fourth continent.

Thanks to this step forward, Arteche gains new technology, with the optical current transformer, a ground-breaking technology that reaffirms Arteche at the forefront of its industry.

Advanced Protection Control Systems

Advanced Protection and Control Systems

SAC is integrated into Grupo Arteche, consolidating the technological portfolio of the Group.

Arteche acquires SAC

Grupo Arteche acquires SAC, a leading Enterprise in global advanced engineering services for the automation and control of Electrical Systems, extending its portfolio with a broad range of high-performance systems for operation and monitoring of electrical networks in an optimized, secure and reliable manner.

The international exposure, its areas of specialization lie in the development of high-performance systems for critical applications and the execution of projects, including turnkey solutions in the control and automation of sub-stations and electrical systems.

Ultra High-Voltage Laboratory

Ultra High-Voltage Laboratory

The Ultra High Voltage Laboratory at Arteche allows for the testing of instrument transformers up to 1.200 kV. 

A laboratory for the future

The Ultra High Voltage Laboratory, which allows us to test metering transformers up to 1,200 kV in voltage, is an instrument for Arteche to safely remain at the helm of innovation and development in the electrical industry, equipment for the present and conceived and designed for the future, able to manage levels of voltage beyond the highest used at the present time.

The matter at hand is a Faraday cage 54 meters in length, 30 meters wide and 27 meters in height, devised for the capability of carrying out routine, type and special testing, on instrument transformers under any international rule or regulation.

The Arteche Group celebrates 70th Anniversary

The Arteche Group celebrates its 70th Anniversary

The Arteche Group celebrates its 70th corporate anniversary, a long business history and path filled with success thanks to the work and effort of all those who have made up and currently make up the company.

The Arteche Group celebrates its 70-year path and history

The history of Grupo Arteche would not have become what it is, without the trust placed by clients in over 150 countries, in our equipment sets and solutions, down through the years.

From the time Aurelio de Arteche returned from exile to found the company, up to this day, with Grupo Arteche actively taking part in the main international electrical bodies, many developments have taken place. Here, you can learn more about some of our main milestones and more defining achievements.

You can read our history following this link.

Factory Tepeji Park

New factory in Mexico

We inaugurated a new factory for medium voltage, power quality and restoration equipment in Tepeji del Río, State of Hidalgo, México.

Nueva fábrica en México

In 2019, we opened our new factory in Mexico, the same day as our 25th anniversary of our arrival to the country. The new plant, which consists of almost 10,000m2, strengthens the group's commitment to Mexico.


Thanks to this project, Arteche has made a great leap forward in the American continent, thus achieving an increase in our production capacity and incorporating important technological improvements in key processes.