Arteche presents at Cired 2019 its solutions for distribution automation

23 May 2019

Distribution Automation

Arteche is to present its Distribution Automation solutions at Cired 2019, one of the most important electrical distribution conferences around the world.

Located at stand E14, it will display the smART RC Plus three-phase recloser, an equipment designed on the back of over 25 years of experience in the field of medium voltage power distribution automation. This equipment pairs pronounced design improvements that provide sturdiness and full reliability with the performances required by the Intelligent Power Grid applications.

What’s more, with over 44,000 units installed around the world, our Low Power Instrument Transformers (LPIT) are the benchmark product for electrical instruments in medium voltage grid automation projects.

The conference provides an opportunity to present our range of smartVAR Power Quality solutions, which have been implemented throughout 2018 to interconnect, in accordance with the grid codes of various countries, a total of 3.7GW of renewable energy. In addition, our position is strengthened by the agreement signed with American Superconductor, which allows us to position our solutions around the globe.

Our test blocks and the trip, supervision and auxiliary relays, present in high demand environments around the world, round out our participation at the CIRED 2019 fair.

Asset Management

At the Conference, Arteche will also present a technical poster with its proposal for transformer monitoring systems.

The proposal involves a multi-purpose and reliable diagnosis solution that enables improved maintenance of the power grid and maximizes the useful life of the transformers. This proposal emerges as the result of over 70 years of sector experience, which has led us to offer an extensive range of comprehensive services that encompass training, consulting, and technical assessment, as well as comprehensive product life cycle management.

Arteche presents at Cired 2019 its solutions for distribution automation