Arteche puts four IEC 61850 substations in operation in Brazil

13 Mar 2020
Arteche has designed the Control and Protection System in IEC 61850 with the saTECH BCU equipment, the boards, and the system engineering of four substations in Brazil

Arteche has started up four 230kV substations for CELG-GT, a transmitter in the region of Goiás in Brazil with a network of over 750km. For this purpose, the Control and Protection System, the boards and the system engineering have all been designed under the IEC 61850 standard.

The SAS of the Firminópolis, Paranaíba, Palmeiras and Xavantes substations include the saTECH BCU bay control units. These equipments acquire the signals from the primary switching equipment and from the power transformers directly from the substation yard (process bus), and integrate them with the SCADA using IEC 61850.

The interlocking logic as well as the automation of the substations’ auxiliary AC/DC services are implemented in these units.

In addition, the equipment of the saTECH range has screens that allow for both local and remote operation and supervision. They also allow for the acquisition of information, which is provided by temperature sensors and by the regulation and parallelism system of power transformers through the DNP3.0 protocol.

Additionally, the boards supplied integrate Arteche's tripping and blocking relays, designed for critical applications and the most demanding operating environments. Also included are our 14-contact Test Blocks, which simplify the development of secondary injection testing.

This 230kV bus protection system has PRP network redundancy, in accordance with the network procedures of ONS, the National Operator of the Brazilian Electric System.

Arteche puts four IEC 61850 substations in operation in Brazil