Arteche railway relays are installed in over 40 countries

27 Feb 2019

Arteche continues to develop and improve its relays for on-board and signalling applications. The railway relays, which have extremely high MTTF values, are highly regarded for their reliability and quality.

They have been installed in projects in more than 40 countries and help customers reduce their operating and maintenance costs. 

Arteche's range of on-board and signalling relays, designed under the reference standards EN-60077 and EN-50155 to meet the highest standards, as well as the relevant standards for vibrations (EN-61373) and fires and fumes (EN-45545-2), are ideal for the safety-critical functions of the railway system, as they have mechanically linked forced guided contacts (EN-50205).

With 55 years of experience manufacturing electromechanical relays, Arteche will be exhibiting its relays, that are designed, manufactured, tested and validated in a unitary way allowing an effective response to the growing demand, at RailLive!, which will be held in Bilbao from 5 to 7 March, and in SIFER in Lille from 26 to 28 March. 

Arteche railway relays are installed in over 40 countries