Arteche relays in the space launch base of the Ariane 6 rocket

25 Jun 2018

Arteche’s high-performance relays for critical applications are part of the ELA4 space launch base’s electrical control system, the new launch platform that the European Space Agency (ESA) is building in French Guiana for its new rocket, Ariane 6.

This fluid circuit control system of the Ariane 6 launcher, developed by GTD, is in charge of supplying the Ariane 6, the latest space shuttle of the ESA, the necessary fuel and the conventional fluids and the cryogenic fluids during the preparation stages of the takeoff.

Safety, reliability and high performance

GTD, the company in charge of developing the electrical interface system with the control bench installed in the operational control room of the Guyanés Space Center, has chosen the Arteche relay range for its high-performance, its excellent behavior in environments with high vibrations and its high reliability. These relays can be installed in facilities of up to SIL 4 in accordance with Directive EN 61508 maintaining reliability and safety in the operation.

After more than 60 years of experience manufacturing high-quality electromechanical relays for applications where safety, reliability and performance are not an option, we supply GTD with bistable relays and tripping relays for the system that will be installed in the European Space station.

Fluid Process of the Ariane 6

BF-3 BB latching relays will manage the controllers that cut or put into service the electrical supplies of these critical processes, while RF-4 trip relays will switch the control of certain valves between different control devices of the Central Bench.

The system will ensure control of around 10,000 data of the launcher’s fluid processes, required for carrying out the preparation and launch operations during the stages in which the Ariane 6 is in the integration areas and on the launch platform prior to takeoff.

Arteche relays in the space launch base of the Ariane 6 rocket