Arteche says goodbye to 2015, European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year

“Someone said that, in a few years, current steam engines will become archaeological monuments, ending up in museums. For the same reason, these high chimneys (…) will also become an archaeological curiosity”. Miguel de Unamuno, in De mi país, 1898
Arteche says goodbye European Industrial Technical Heritage Year

2015, declared European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year, is coming to an end, a year that has reflected the economic and cultural importance of this patrimony, to which Arteche has contributed.

To mark the event, Arteche wants to restore “10 Jewels of Electric Industrial Heritage in Spain & Portugal”, a Decalogue presented in 2008.

Arteche’s building in Mungia is itself, a clear example of industrial heritage. Built in the 1960s by the architects Juan de Madariaga, Nikola de Madariaga and Lander Gallastegi, it integrates in the entourage, a garden area, and was conceived as one building, that unites thanks to a closed corridor the offices and the factory hall.