Arteche supplies instrument transformers to ITER project

ITER is a large-scale scientific project intended to prove the viability of fusion as an energy source
Arteche supplies instrument transformers ITER project

Arteche and our US partner ABB/Kuhlman were awarded the contract for the supply of 400 kV Instrument Transformers to the ITER project last September 2013. The scope of supply composed of 12 Current Transformers CA-420 and 12 Inductive Voltage Transformers UTF-420 will be manufactured in our plant in Mexico. The transformers will then be delivered to the Plasma Physics Lab at Princeton University, USA, ensuing the work and directives by the US Department of Energy, with the aim of proving the viability of nuclear fusion as a source of energy.

The supply of these transformers with central cabinets and connection points must comply with the highest standard requirements from several international working teams. The decision to award Arteche and ABB/Kuhlman the contract was based on its distinct international reputation which both firms enjoy, their reliability, and their ability and flexibility to comply with the highest standards while meeting deadlines. Manufacture and delivery are subjected to strict inspection and verification standards.

ITER is an international project whose fusion reactor, located in France, will produce clean energy for as long as twenty years, its operational lifetime, at minimal costs. A consortium of members (China, the European Union, Russia, India, Japan and Korea) decided to cooperate in the construction of the Tokamak reactor and the delivery of all the components for the ITER installation. As one of the project’s suppliers, Arteche becomes part of one of the largest power experiments worldwide, supplying critical electric power metering equipment.