Auxiliary Relays

High performance safety relays and contactors for protection, regulation and interconnection in command and control circuits.

Arteche relays are suitable for the most demanding applications, where performance, reliability and security are a must.

With models and options specially designed for a wide range of applications, Arteche relays meets and exceeds the most demanding standards. Installed in more than 150 countries, Arteche relays are the best choice for applications such as trip high and medium voltage breakers, safety critical logics in nuclear power plants or interface, contact multiplication and remote commanding in railway systems.

Documentation and Support

Manual de usuario bases y accesorios relés
Ficha técnica Contactores
Ficha técnica Contactores DI
Ficha técnica Contactores R
Ficha técnica Contactores XR
Ficha técnica Contactores CJ-4XR4
Catálogo Relés monoestables
Ficha técnica RI
Catálogo Relés biestables
Ficha técnica BI-16
Catálogo Relés aplicaciones ferroviarias
Catálogo Relés aplicaciones de disparo
Catálogo Relés temporizados
Ficha técnica UJ-2
Ficha técnica RJS-4
Ficha técnica RPT
Datasheet Contactors
Datasheet Contactors DI
Datasheet Contactors R
Datasheet Contactors XR
Datasheet Contactors V
Brochure Instantaneous relays
Datasheet RI
Brochure Latching relays
Datasheet BI-16
Brochure Railway relays
Brochure Tripping relays
Brochure Time lag auxiliary relays
Datasheet UJ-2
Datasheet RJS-4
Datasheet RPT
User manual Sockets and accessories for auxiliary relays
Flyer Auxiliary relays for railway applications
Folleto Relés auxiliares
Flyer Auxiliary relays
Catálogo Relés biestáveis
Ficha técnica BI-16
Catalogue Relais bistables
Fiche technique BI-16
Katalog Bistabile hilfsrelais
Technische Datenblatt BI-16
Catálogo Relés aplicações ferroviárias
Catalogue Relais applications ferroviaires
Katalog Hilfsrelais für anwendungen im eisenbahnwesen
Catálogo Relés para aplicações de disparo
Catalogue Relais pour applications de déclenchement
Katalog Hilfsrelais für auslösende anwendungen
Katalog Zeitgeschaltete hilfsrelais
Ficha técnica UJ-2
Instrucciones de recepción y montaje UJ-2
Reception and mounting instructions UJ-2
Ficha técnica RJS-4
Ficha técnica RPT
Instrucciones de recepción y montaje RPT
Reception and mounting instructions RPT
Catálogo Relé auxiliar instântaneos
Catalogue Relais auxiliaires instantanés
Katalog Sofort schaltende hilfsrelais
Ficha técnica RI
Fiche technique RI
Technische Datenblatt RI
Manual Bases e acessórios para relés
Flyer Front Connection Cage Clamp Socket
Folheto Base cage clamp de conexão frontal
Ficha técnica Contatores CJ-4XR4
Technische Datenblatt Schütze CJ-4XR4
Datasheet Contactors CJ-4XR4
Fiche technique Contacteurs CJ-4XR4
Technische Datenblatt Schütze
Fiche technique Contacteurs
Ficha técnica Contatores
Ficha técnica Contatores DI
Fiche technique Contacteurs DI
Technische Datenblatt Schütze DI
Technische Datenblatt Schütze R
Fiche technique Contacteurs R
Ficha técnica Contatores R
Technische Datenblatt Schütze XR
Fiche technique Contacteurs XR
Ficha técnica Contatores XR
Technische Datenblatt Schütze V
Ficha técnica Contactores V
Fiche technique Contacteurs V
Ficha técnica Contatores V
Datasheet Time lag contactors
Catálogo de Formación
Training Brochure
Catálogo de Formaçao