Auxiliary relays for critical applications in substation environments - Webinar

7 May 2020
We invite you to participate in our upcoming webinars on Auxiliary Relays for critical applications in substation environments and their selection criteria

Arteche Group is hosting a series of free webinars on May 19, 20 and 21 about general concepts for setting up the Auxiliary Relays that are going to be active in substation environments.

Auxiliary relays are used to protect electrical assets that if unavailable and without swift replacement would cause economic losses and interruptions in the electrical system. This equipment is used in critical and safety maneuvers, for example, by providing the ANSI function 86. This is why the robustness and reliability of the auxiliary relays are essential.

Because the auxiliary relays operate in very aggressive electromagnetic environments and are involved in the safety of both people and installations, at Arteche we apply both the IEC 61810 standard, a specific standard for auxiliary relays, and the IEC 60255-27 standard, which defines safety criteria for measuring and protection equipment and establishes more demanding electrical safety tests.

During this webinar, we will study the criteria to be followed for the selection of auxiliary relays, in order to ensure their correct behavior during critical and safety maneuvers. The Webinar is mainly addressed to technicians and standardization managers who select auxiliary relays. We will review the characteristics that an auxiliary relay used in the energy sector should have, analyze its performance by using simple physical concepts and discuss some  constructive details trying to establish the selection criteria of a relay according to the application and environment where it is going to be installed.

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Auxiliary relays for critical applications in substation environments - Webinar