PLC-BPL couplers for MV

Medium Voltage Broadband over Power Line Couplers (MV-BPL couplers, PLC-BPL).

BPL Capacitive coupler PLUGCAP

BPL Capacitive coupler PLUGCAP

MV BPL capacitive coupler  PLUGCAP has been specially designed for GIS Ring Main Units (RMU), switchgear & controlgear equipped with DIN-c simetric plugin bushings, for Broadband Power line projects up to 24/50/125 kV.

Documentation and Downloads

Catalogo Soluciones Acoplamiento PLCs
Datasheet comART PLUGCAP
Ficha técnica comART PLUGCAP
Fiche technique comART PLUGCAP
Dane techniczne comART PLUGCAP
Ficha técnica comART PLUGCAP
Technische Datenblatt comART PLUGCAP

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