PLC-BPL couplers for MV

Medium Voltage Broadband over Power Line Couplers (MV-BPL couplers, PLC-BPL).

BPL coupler for indoor applications UNDERCAP

BPL coupler for indoor applications UNDERCAP

Capacitive coupler for medium voltage underground lines. Up to 38 kV.

  • Compact size
  • Quickly, easy and safe installation.
  • Low insertion loss of <2dB throughout the whole frequency range (2.40 MHz).
  • Exceeding the most demanding electrical, mechanical and EMI standards to ensure the maximum safety level.
  • Silicone housing. Lighter and versatile.
  • 2 levels of insulation available: 17 kV and 25 kV.


Please read the coupler datasheet and user manuals or contact us for more information.

Documentation and Downloads

FAQ Conexiones de tierra
Datasheet comART UNDERCAP
Manual de instalación comART UNDERCAP
Installation manual comART UNDERCAP
FAQ Grounding connection
Flyer Medium voltage sensors and PLC couplers
Brochure Distribution Automation
Flyer Medium voltage sensors kits for distribution automation
Technical article Enhancing distribution automation with current and voltage sensors
Brochure Capteurs moyenne tension et coupleurs PLC
Fiche technique comART UNDERCAP
Ficha técnica comART UNDERCAP
Ficha técnica comART UNDERCAP
Technische Datenblatt comART UNDERCAP

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