PLC-BPL couplers for MV

Medium Voltage Broadband over Power Line Couplers (MV-BPL couplers, PLC-BPL).

BPL coupler for overhead lines OVERCAP

BPL coupler for overhead lines OVERCAP

The OVERCAP is a capacitive coupler for overhead medium voltage lines up to 36 KV:

  • Easy, safe and quick installation without de-energizing the line.
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Very low insertion losses <2dB over the entire frequency range (2-100 MHz).
  • Insulation voltages up to 38 kV.
  • Full range of type tests performed in certified laboratories 
  • Silicone housing that provides better electric insulation for outdoor service.
  • Leakage distance for high pollution environments (according to IEC 358).
  • Integrated ground lead disconnector to guarantee disconnection from ground in case of an internal failure.
  • Recognized PLC/BPL device manufacturers have already obtained the FCC certification using OVERCAP couplers.
  • Pole installation.
  • Line hanging installation.


See datasheet and installation manual or contact us for more information.

Documentation and Downloads

Datasheet comART OVERCAP
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Ficha técnica comART OVERCAP
Ficha técnica comART OVERCAP
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