Cigre 2022

Cigre 2022

28/08/2022 - 2/09/2022

Palais des congrès - Paris

CIGRE Session is a leading global event for power system expertise. There will be shown the companies news of France and internationals related to the following sectors: Electrical engineering, Equipment and technologies and Services.

This year we are honoured to announce that we have 4 papers from our experts about the following topics:

  • A3 - 10919: Sensitivity analysis of capacitive voltage transformers for frequency response modeling
  • C4 - 11038: Harmonic filters characteristics effects in the switching manoeuvre transient
  • B5 - 10551: System accuracy evaluation of metering application based on optical current transformers and IEC61850 SV static energy meters
  • D2 - 11051: Analysis of the impact of cryptography in the GOOSE communications

You can get in contact with our experts at the different Poster Session, Group Discussion and Workshop.

At our booth S217 we will show our main technological developments in Digital Metering solutions, Substation Automation Systems and challenges, and advances in Power Quality.


Join Arteche's Presentation at Cigré

On Wednesday 31st at 10:30am (room 133) our Digital Measurement Product Manager will present new developments of recent years in the technology of optical current transformer.

Join our presentation 'Universal optical current transformer for metering applications' and get to know about developments that can improve your protection and metering applications, fulfilling a wide range of nominal currents and high accuracy levels.

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Arteche Power Voltage Transformers

Power Voltage Transformers

Arteche´s Power Voltage Transformers offer all the benefits of a potential transformer with the applications of a distribution transformer

The main advantages are:

  • Robust design
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance-free
  • Reliable power supply
  • Design flexibility
  • High seismic performance
  • Reduced environmental impact


Substation Automated Systems

Arteche has a deep experience in protection, control and automation of power grids, with more than 1000 substations automation systems operating worldwide.

The experience obtained in more than 35 years engineering substation control systems has provided us a comprehensive and specialized application knowledge.

Arteche provides comprehensive engineering services including protection and control panel building, IEDs integration, system testing, commissioning and training services for operators and power system engineers.

Arteche Substation Automated System
Cable Fault Detector Arteche

Digital Measurement

The evolution of technology allows new approaches to voltage and current measurement in HV grids.

  • Arteche’s optical current transformers have some differentiating features that are not only interesting for digital substation applications, but they also allow new approaches to solve challenging application scenarios such as the protection of mixed overhead-underground lines.
  • Arteche’s SDO FCT does not need any external power source, it receives the light pulses that ARTECHE’s SDO MU CFD sends and it is easy to install. It is not necessary to make any changes to the overhead-underground transition, which makes it suitable both for new lines and for retrofitting existing lines.


Renewable Energies

Is High Voltage grid stability an increasing challenge? Need to determine what happens when renewable energy is connected to the grid? We have a deep knowledge analyzing Power Quality phenomena to keep balance and quality of service under control.

Renewable Energies Arteche
Transformers Monitoring Arteche

Instrument Transformers Monitoring System

Visit Cigre and take a first hand contact with our approach to enable smart Instrument Transformer monitoring to improve livecycle management.


Cigré Arteche