High voltage instrument transformers

Current, voltage and combined transformers, oil-paper or gas insulated up to 800 kV.

Combined Transformers

Combined Transformers

Combined instrument transformers contain a current transformer and an inductive voltage transformer within the same body.

Thus they are used in the same applications as their respective independent transformers; they separate meters, counters, relays, etc., from the high voltage circuit, and provide a scaled replica of the current and voltage in the HV line.

  • Combined transformers are suitable for use in substations where space or installation costs make using independent Transformers difficult.
  • Ideal for installation at metering points due to their very high accuracy class, both in current and voltage.
  • Suitable for the discharge of high-voltage lines and capacitor banks.
  • Excellent frequency response; ideal for monitoring power quality and measuring harmonics.


ARTECHE combined instrument Transformers with oil-paper insulation are named with the letters KA followed by 2 or 3 numbers indicating the maximum service voltage for which they have been designed. KA-72, KA-123, KA-145, KA-170, KA-245.

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Transformadores de Medida Alta Tensión
Transformadores combinados
Transformadores combinados
Toma de muestras de aceite
Acercamiento a los transformadores de medida
Teoría y tecnología de los transformadores de medida
Tecnología del aislamiento en los transformadores de medida
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Transformadores de tensión inductivos para descarga de líneas y bancos de condensadores
Brochure Combined transformers
Brochure High voltage instrument transformers
Catálogo Transformadores combinados
Catálogo Transformadores de instrumentos. Alta tensão
Catalogue Transformateurs combinés
Lietotāja rokasgrāmata Kombinētie mērmaiņi
Brukerhåndbok Kombinerte måletransformatorer
Instrukcja użytkownika Przekładniki kombinowane
Руководство пользователя Комбинированные трансформаторы
Felhasználói kézikönyv Kombinált mérőváltó
Användarmanual Oljeprovtagning
Technical article An approach to instrument transformers
Technical article Theory and technology of instrument transformers
Technical article Insulation technology in instrument transformers
Technical article Tests on instrument transformers
Technical article Electrical fields in instrument transformers
Technical article Serial ferro-resonance in voltage transformers
Technical article Power quality measurement with capacitor voltage transformers
Technical article Discharge of high voltage lines and capacitor banks through inductive voltage transformers
Anleitung Kombiwandler
Anleitung Ölmusterentnahme
Manuel Transformateurs combinés
Manuel Prise d'échantillons d'huile
User manual Combined transformers
User manual Oil sampling
Manual Transformadores combinados
Catalogue Transformateurs de mesure. Haute tension
Transformadores Combinados
каталог Измерительные трансформаторbl. высокое напряжение
Transformadores Combinados
Transformadores Combinados
каталог Комбинированные трансформаторы
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Catálogo de Formaçao
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Arteche Services
Arteche Services

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