Medium voltage outdoor instrument transformers

Current, voltage and combined transformers, dry or oil-paper insulation up to 72.5 kV.

Combined Transformers

Combined Transformers

Combined instrument transformers contain a current transformer and a single-pole voltage transformer within the same resin body.

Combined transformers for outdoor service are ideal for use at metering points.

They are particularly useful in installations with space or cost limitations.

Model KM up to 36 kV.

ARTECHE offers three-phase metering units for pole mounting.

  • Model MK. Three combined transformers in a single metal structure.
  • Model ME. Three current transformers and three voltage transformers in a single metal structure.

Documentation and Downloads

Catálogo Transformadores medida. Media tensión exterior
Manual de usuario Transformadores de medida MT. Combinados
Brochure Medium voltage outdoor instrument transformers
User manual Instrument transformers MV. Combined
Catálogo Transformadores de instrumentos. Média tensão uso externo
Manual Transformadores de instrumentos MT. Combinados
Catalogue Transformateurs de mesure. Moyenne tension extérieure
Manuel Transformateurs de mesure MT. Combinés
Catalogo Trasformatori di misura. Media tensione esterna
Katalog Przekładniki. Średniego napięcia napowietrzne
каталог Измерительные трансформаторы. Трансформаторы среднего напряжения наружной установки
Anleitung Mittelspannungs Messwandler. Kombinierte messwandler

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