Contactor relays

High performance safety relays and contactors for protection, regulation and interconnection in command and control circuits

Contactor relays with coil protection

Contactor relays with coil protection

Arteche contactor relays offers and extended protection for connected equipment. This protection can be done by means of diode or varistance. Available from DPDT Form-C polarized contacts (2 changeover polarized) to 8PDT Form-C polarized contacts (8 changeover polarized contacts).

Contacts configuration Changeover polarized / XPDT Form-C polarized
General standards IEC 61000, IEC 60947, IEC 60255 and ANSI C37.90
Maximum make capacity 40A/0,5s/110Vdc



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Ficha técnica Contactores
Ficha técnica Contactores DI
Ficha técnica Contactores R
Ficha técnica Contactores XR
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Manual de usuario bases y accesorios relés
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Datasheet Contactors
Datasheet Contactors DI
Datasheet Contactors R
Datasheet Contactors XR
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Manual Bases e acessórios para relés
Ficha técnica Contatores CJ-4XR4
Ficha técnica Contatores
Ficha técnica Contatores DI
Ficha técnica Contatores R
Ficha técnica Contatores XR
Ficha técnica Contatores V
Fiche technique Contacteurs CJ-4XR4
Fiche technique Contacteurs
Fiche technique Contacteurs DI
Fiche technique Contacteurs R
Fiche technique Contacteurs XR
Fiche technique Contacteurs V
Technische Datenblatt Schütze CJ-4XR4
Technische Datenblatt Schütze
Technische Datenblatt Schütze DI
Technische Datenblatt Schütze R
Technische Datenblatt Schütze XR
Technische Datenblatt Schütze V

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