Ethical channel of the Arteche Group

Canal ético At Arteche, we always bear in mind that the best way to go on growing and developing our business is doing things properly and with integrity. The Management of Arteche considers Ethics to be one of their hallmarks and considers it an essential element for the development and sustainability of their business project. Arteche has its own Corporate Culture that is defined as the set of values shared among all its members.

Arteche has a code of ethical behavior that defines a set of fundamental principles and general guidelines for conduct aimed at guaranteeing the professional, ethical, and responsible behavior of all directors, managers, and employees, both in relation to the performance of their duties and in their relations with colleagues, managers, subordinates, clients, suppliers, and the market and society in general in which they operate, always complying with the regulations of each country and respecting their ethic principles, serving as a guide for the operation of their professionals in a global, complex and ever-changing environment

This channel is a two-way communication tool that is offered so that any doubt related to the Code of Conduct can be consulted and, where appropriate, report possible irregularities or behavior that goes against it. All communications received are subject to objective, independent and confidential analysis, and in all cases a response is given to the interested party. In this sense, the GROUP has acquired the specific commitment to treat any communication received through this channel with the utmost confidentiality and not to adopt any reprisal against professionals who use this communication channel.