Medium Voltage Outdoor Current Transformers

Medium Voltage Outdoor Current Transformers up to 69kV

CRFR-17 - 15 kV - Outdoor Current Transformer

CRFR-17 - 15 kV - Outdoor Current Transformer

ARTECHE CRFR series are dry type outdoor service voltage transformers.

The core and coils are encapsulated with Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin (CEP) which provides excellent dielectric properties, mechanical strength, resistance to ultraviolet rays and the eff ects of tracking and erosion on the exterior of the transformer ensuring a long mechanical and electrical life.

CRFR family can be manufactured with Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin (HCEP) which additionally increases the transformer’s weatherability and off ers better performance in heavily polluted environments. The transformer is maintenance free.

The core is built with high permeability grain oriented silicon steel laminations for low losses. The windings are copper wire with copper plate double isolation. The concentric distribution of the coils prevents magnetic fl ux leakage, achieving greater accuracy and higher capacity to withstand mechanical stresses in adverse operating conditions. Partial Discharge measurements exceed the IEEE requirements.

This voltage transformer is designed for mounting on poles or substation structures in an upright, underhung or cantilever position.

Documentation and Downloads

Datasheet Outdoor Current Transformer CRFR-17
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