Automatización de la distribución

Distribution power grid operation management is complex due to their extension, complex granularity and topology. Monitoring, automation and remote management functionalities are essential to locate and isolate faults when occurs, to reduce losses, to optimize maintenance and ultimately to improve operation efficiency and quality of service.

A deep experience in distribution automation domain affords Arteche to develop reliable field electronic devices with specific functionalities to enhance distribution automation features: Highly reliable directional fault location, active and reactive power measurement, oscillography, alarms and events among others. Arteche has an application oriented RTUs and controllers for different both overhead and underground MV grids. 

Information provided by adaTECH field electronic controllers is sent to SCADA/DMS/EMS under different remote control protocols, improving significantly fault location and isolation, service restoration, outage management, response time and costs, system maintenance, demand forecast, analysis and planning functions.