Diverse. Equal. 

Arteche diversos iguales

At Arteche we believe in the enrichment that diversity means for the organization and we promote the development of our internal talent based on meritocratic policies that guarantee transparency and equal access to professional opportunities in all the areas of the company.

Our philosophy on diversity, inclusion and equality can be summarized in the following principles:

  • Respecting diversity among our professionals, promoting non-discrimination; 
    Developing the principle of equal opportunity, its compliance being one of the essential pillars of professional development.
  • This involves the commitment to practice and demonstrate fair treatment that encourages personal and professional improvement of the team; and 
  • Promoting gender equality, especially with regard to access to employment, training, career advancement and working conditions. 

Diversity not only strengthens our culture, it also increases innovation and creativity

Promoting the advancement of gender equality is a common commitment that we, at Arteche, take on in all our regions and work centers. It is part of our corporate culture and it is reflected in our global way of thinking, focused on valuing diversity from a gender perspective in all our processes and policies.

We do not limit ourselves to complying with the legislation: we go further, stimulating with our example real equality in our sector and promoting policies of real equality in terms of treatment and opportunities.

In this sense, we are committed to giving visibility to and developing female talent, working globally and in each of its areas. To this end, we have Equality Commissions that work globally, as well as in each of its areas, to make consistent progress on gender equality.

In addition to devoting a lot of effort to gender equality, we have also continued to work on our diversity. We are present in different countries and employ people of various nationalities, most of them Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinian and Chinese. An appropriate management of cultural diversity results in tangible competitive advantages, in connection to openness to knowledge and to diverse points of view, the contribution to the attraction and retention of talent, the strengthening of Arteche's culture, the increase in innovation, in creativity and in productivity.