Capacitor banks and harmonic filters. Low voltage

Low voltage capacitors banks and harmonic filters for power factor correction and harmonic mitigation

Dynamic compensation of reactive power

Dynamic compensation of reactive power

Using a thyristor based fast switching module, smARTvar® adds capacitance to the system when AC voltage is zero, to avoid transients. smARTvar® can add or draw capacitance in less than five cycles (total time of data acquisition, processing, and switching).

  • Arteche’s smARTvar® has a wide range of applications, especially when is required:

  • Ultrafast reactive power compensation for dynamic loads with sudden and fast demands of VARs.
  • Reactive power compensation free of transients when switching for applications with high sensitive loads.
  •  smARTvar® also improves voltage support and reduces flicker.

  • Stabilizes system voltage
  • Avoids voltage drops
  • Improves you electrical system’s efficiency
  • Mitigate harmonic distortion
  • Maximizes Power Factor
  • Significantly diminishes flicker
  • Compact design for space constrained installations

Documentation and Downloads

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