Estudios Eléctricos para conexión a Red de Renovables

Determining what happens when a renewable energy plant is connected to the network, analyzing the stability of the supply and ensuring that the equipment fulfills its purpose is essential to the profitability of a renewable energy project.

Due to the asynchronous, variable and changing behavior of renewable technologies, the integration of these power plants into the grid faces challenges to power quality. Requirements such as the ability to continue to operate under fault conditions, low voltage (LVRT) or high voltage (HVRT) conditions; power factor, voltage control and reactive power requirements; limitations on harmonic emission, flicker, voltage unbalance or phase unbalance are some of the main concerns of electricity companies and network regulators.

We have a large team of professionals devoted to and specialized in Technical Analysis and Electrical Studies, supported by the most advanced and powerful modeling and simulation tools for diagnosis, proposal and validation of power quality solutions.
In addition, a team of trained and qualified field technicians makes it possible for Arteche to take measurements on site, measurements which are necessary for a detailed and complete analysis.    

We develop studies in both static and dynamic state, simulating diverse and extensive scenarios, analysis and electrical diagnostics in Medium and High Voltage to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the installation and proposals for solutions adapted to the needs of each project:

  • Energy quality: Harmonics, flicker and voltage unbalance
  • Static power flows: Reactive power and power factor compensation
  • Dynamic power flows:  voltage dips, LVRT, HVRT, P-f regulation, Q-V regulation
  • Electrical losses and voltage drops in installations 
  • Rapid voltage changes (RVC) 
  • Transients in dynamic regime (TRV): Switching studies
  • Short-circuit/Short circuit impedances 
  • Reports on network status/Network code compliance

Arteche is able to perform the complete package of studies required in Spain by the new Technical Supervision Standard (NTS). Performing these simulations and studies are an indispensable requirement for obtaining the Final Operational Notification (FON) and the Electricity Generation Module Certificate (MGE Certificate) according to EU Regulation 2016/631.