Naturaleza, Medio ambiente, SostenibilidadOur Code of Ethical Conduct, our Integrated Management Model and our values reflect the commitments we have made to the environment. This is something our stakeholders are asking of us, but it is also something to which we have made a commitment by signing the United Nations Global Compact.

As part of Arteche's commitment to sustainable development, our vocation is to promote and integrate a responsible culture with the environment. For this purpose, we ensure compliance with environmental regulations and propose the necessary actions for continuous improvement and the prevention of environmental risks.

Likewise, we promote the improvement of preventive action, complying with or exceeding the standards of applicable environmental regulations, minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities, making efficient use of resources and preserving biodiversity.

General Management, aware of the importance of good environmental planning, assumes the following functions within its responsibilities:
•    Approval and regular monitoring of environmental objectives.
•    Monitoring and continuous improvement of indicators for environmental improvement.
•    Promoting development, continuous improvement and compliance with the procedures that support the environmental processes as defined in the model.

As part of our integrated and multi-site management system we have integrated, implemented and certified all the items required by the ISO14001:2015 standard, among which are the corresponding procedures for the prevention of environmental impacts.

Likewise, in our Code of Ethical Conduct, approved at the highest level, the people who are part of this Arteche project accept the following as behavioral guidelines: to minimize waste and pollution, to preserve natural resources, to promote energy saving, as well as to carry out and sponsor research and development projects that promote the protection of the environment. We also convey this commitment to our suppliers, clients and collaborating companies, demanding their compliance if necessary.