IgualdadWe are committed to seeking equal treatment and equal opportunities between women and men, and to avoiding gender inequalities with regard to access to employment, training, promotion and working conditions, all of which fall within the conduct commitments and responsible practices of the Code of Ethical Conduct.

As such, promoting a work environment based on ethical behavior, respect for diversity and effective equality is a commitment that is part of our corporate culture and is translated into internal policies. In this way, we go beyond the locally applicable laws, promoting policies of real equality of treatment and opportunities among the people of Arteche.

To achieve these goals, the Group is committed to developing the principle of equal opportunities, compliance with which is one of the foundations of professional development promoted by the organization, by practicing and displaying equal treatment towards the people in the company, creating an environment that facilitates the integration and the reconciliation of professional, personal and family life.

We apply diversity and equal opportunities by promoting the integration of people with disabilities, in accordance with the General Law on the Rights of People with Disabilities and their Social Inclusion. We collaborate with several Special Employment Centers (SEC), favoring the social and occupational integration of disabled people.
Each of the Group's companies applies local reconciliation measures, in accordance with the customs of each place.