Exceptional measures to prevent Coronavirus COVID-19 in Arteche

1 Apr 2020
Arteche has taken exceptional measures to prevent Coronavirus, to protect all employees’ health and, at the same time, fulfill our commitments with our clients

In view of the situation resulting from the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, we have taken a number of exceptional measures and implemented mandatory protocols in Arteche in order to; grant the wellbeing of all our employees and partners, contribute to contain the expansion of the disease and ensure to comply the required level of service and commitment with our customers.

Priority: everyone’s safety

The measures taken by Arteche are the same already successfully applied in our factory in China, where not a single case of infection was recorded and we are being able to comply with our commercial commitments, just with some minor issues.

These measures are in line with the guidelines established by the World Health Organization and the relevant authorities.

As a preventive measure against the expansion of the virus in other countries, Arteche’s factories worldwide are applying, among others, the following measures:

  • A follow up committee is in place which allows us to act quickly in order to ensure the safety of our staff and be able to continue supporting our customers.
  • Teleworking is encouraged in those positions that allow to perform the required duties without affecting the resulting outcome. For supporting this initiative, we have reinforced our IT infrastructure.
  • Check-ups are implemented and safety equipment is provided in order to grant the safety of our employees and suppliers.
  • Operational changes are implemented in order to reduce the chance of infection while production is carried out, and we do it in close coordination between all our manufacturing plants.
  • National and international travel has been restricted, as well as internal and external meetings.

Arteche operates according to the situation of each country

Thanks to the above described protocol, which is rigorously implemented by all our manufacturing plants, Arteche continues to operate according to the exceptional situation experienced in each country, to maintain the supply of our products and services and serving our customers. 

All our plants are perfectly coordinated, sharing resources for a fast and joint response if required.

We are working to continue complying with our customer’s commitments, just like we have done without fail over almost 75 years of history.

In all Arteche plants, our employees enjoy a safe working environment.

We stay close to our customers and suppliers

Our regular communication channels remain unaffected and operating normally. All our experts worldwide are fully available to provide the required support.

All the Arteche family is doing its best in order to face this exceptional situation fulfilling with our commitment of Moving Together.

We will continue informing of any relevant updates. 

Exceptional measures to prevent Coronavirus COVID-19 in Arteche