High voltage instrument transformers

Current, voltage and combined transformers, oil-paper or gas insulated up to 800 kV.

Gas Insulated Voltage Transformers

Gas Insulated Voltage Transformers

Arteche Gas Insulated Instrument Transformers (AGIT) is an Arteche Group company specialized in manufacturing instrument transformers for gas insulated substations (GIS). 
As an independent manufacturer, Arteche offers a complete range of current transformers and voltage transformers for GIS up to 525 kV.

Some of it's applications:

  • Substations auxiliary services power supply
  • Power supply for telecommunication and monitoring systems 
  • Rural electrification of isolated populations
  • Temporary power supply



Documentation and Downloads

Gas Insulated Instrument Transformers for GIS Switchgears
Transformadores Aislados en Gas para Subestaciones GIS
Transformadores para GIS
Transformadores para GIS
Transformadores para GIS
User Manual Voltage Transformers GIS

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