Technical Consultancy for Renewable Energy Grid Connection

Integration of renewable energy, system stability and and Grid-Code compliance

Grid Code Compliance Verification

Grid Code Compliance Verification

Analysis of the applicable Grid-code, interconnection criteria and compliance validation.

The Grid-code is a set of technical, administrative and legal requirements for connection or interconnection to the electricity transmission system, the purpose of which is to ensure that such systems are maintained, operated, expanded and updated in a coordinated manner on the basis of technical-operational requirements, and in the most efficient and economic manner.

These Grid-codes are national and must be complied with by all members of the power systems, regardless of the individual nature of the installation, whether it is a load center or a generating facility.  

Compliance with the local Grid-code is essential in order to obtain the maximum benefit from an installation. Non-compliance will lead to penalties, reduction and limitations in power generation and even the disconnection of the park, incurring substantial economic losses. 

Both in new installations and in operating plants that may be affected by modifications, it is essential to verify compliance with the legislation on Power Quality.

At Arteche we have experience in verifying Grid-codes in multiple countries, such as Australia, Chile, Spain, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Mexico, etc. We identify possible deviations and present the most suitable solutions.

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