Power quality for grid connected Renewables

Interconnection of renewable generation, grid stability and grid code compliance to maximize the penetration of renewables

Harmonic filtering

Harmonic filtering

Harmonic distortion is present due to widespread use of solar inverters, variable generator and extensive presence of non linear loads, as in PV power plants and wind farms. Other power equipment used in grid interconnection like transformers, cables or capacitors at certain harmonic frequency amplify the harmonic distortion in a phenomenon called harmonic resonance. As a results, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) harms power factor, pollutes power grid and reduces performance.

The passive filters are widespread to solve harmonic issues. Tuned filters are the most common solution but other topologies are possible like High-pass filters and C-type filters. We have a deep experience assessing harmonic and resonance phenomenon and deploying harmonic filtering solutions according each project needs.


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