Capacitor banks and harmonic filters. Low voltage

Low voltage capacitors banks and harmonic filters for power factor correction and harmonic mitigation

Harmonic filters. Low voltage

Harmonic filters. Low voltage

The proliferation of non-linear devices on power systems has caused significant levels of total harmonic distortion (THD). Harmonic components of current and voltage cause a waveform distortion, losing their sine wave form.

Arteche offers a wide range of harmonic passive filters, both fixed and variable, called FAB. Fixed filters are used to correct harmonic components in linear loads. Automatic filters are useful for non-linear loads that change in power demand over time, without affecting their spectral content.

  • Avoid premature degradation of power system components and improper operation of the sensible loads caused by the distortion of current and voltage harmonic components.
  • Reduce electric bill avoiding penalties, up to 2.5% allowances may be obtained.
  • Reduce the total power consumption, including peak demand. If the filter is correctly installed, total savings from 3 to 6% can be obtained.

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