Transformadores de Alta Tensión Capacitivos y Condensadores de Acoplamiento

Capacitive voltage transformers isolate the measuring instruments, meters, relays, protections, etc., from the high voltage power circuit and provide a scaled replica of the voltage in the HV line.

They enable transmission of high frequency signals through the high voltage (HV) lines. 

Coupling capacitors are only used for coupling high frequency communication signals, making them equivalent to the capacitive part of a Capacitive Voltage Transformer.

  • Voltage input to different types of protection relays.
  • Ideal for installation at metering points dueto its very high accuracy class and extremely steady capacitance.
  • Transmission of high-frequency signals through the high voltage lines (PLC)
  • Helps to reduce voltage peaks in the line.
  • Harmonic measurement in conjunction with PQSensor®