Vista categorias reles - relay cat tree viewAn error-free operation and a reliable performance during an extended lifespan are common features of our relays. From this starting point, our offering is organized by 2 main areas, including models designed and manufactured aiming 2 specific engineering fields

  • Relays for Power Systems
  • Relays for Railway Systems

Each area includes ranges, options and accessories tailored to cover most demanding standards of each specific application. 

Relay configurator - filtersWhen you rollover or display an area, a category list is unfolded. When you access a category, a complete list of models is displayed. By means of dynamic filters, you get references and compatible accessories in seconds, helping you to get the right choice based on your application requirements and preferences. 

When you access a relay page, a list of compatible sockets is displayed. As they are usually required, sockets are “checked in” by default, you will only need to select the preferred model. For more info about our sockets and accessories please visit . If sockets are not required, you can uncheck this option. 

relay socket matchingAt the same page, an “add to quote” button is displayed. Clicking on it will add the reference to a “quotation chart”. You can continue selecting additional relays or accessories, adding to your “quotation chart” as many references as you need. When you have finished your selection, applying for a quotation is very simple. You only need to click on your quote chart, placed on the top right of the entire site, and proceed with the checkout.

relay selection quote listIf you want to save a reference for a future use, without applying for a quotation, you can use our “wish list”. Your wish list is available in your user dashboard.

Features like “relays comparison” to clarify differences between models or a “search box” if you are looking for specific models may help your matching process. 

Don’t worry if you need some orientation, advanced technical support or have specific requirements not covered by this tool. An expert from Arteche is close to you, ready to back your project. Just contact us to start a conversation. This tool includes the most common references, but not our complete offering. 

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