IEC 61850 Stand Alone Merging Units

IEC61850 Sampled Values as per the latest IEC61869-9 standard

IEC61850 Compact SAMU for switchyard applications

IEC61850 Compact SAMU for switchyard applications

The compact SAMU is designed to be installed as close as possible to the conventional CT and/or VTs on the switchyard. These conventional CT-s and VT-s can be either from ARTECHE or from a third party. The analog outputs of these conventional Instrument Transformers will be digitalized by the Compact SAMU and sent to the IEC61850 Process Bus as Sampled Values.

Typically the SAMU will be installed in a weatherproof box (either on a DIN rail or directly on the back panel). This way, no cupper cables are needed between the switchyard and the substation building thus increasing safety and simplifying the commissioning and maintenance.

The compact SAMU supports 1PPS and IEEE1588 synchronization for time-stamping the Sampled Values.

The compact SAMU supports both PRP and HSR that allow redundancy in the communication channel.

Documentation and Downloads

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