IEEE/ANSI Transformadores de Medida Media Tensión Exterior

ARTECHE Medium Voltage Outdoor Instrument Transformers are oil free, manufactured with vacuum casting or with automatic pressure gelation (APG) for high dielectric strength.

The cycloaliphatic resin used for external insulation provides long creepage distance, robust mechanical strength, excellent arc tracking properties and resistance to UV exposure. Additionally, the epoxy resin used for internal insulation forms a rigid body with excellent thermal performance and high dielectric withstand capability.

Product may be utilized under challenging operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures (-50 ℃, + 50 ℃), salty or polluted environment, hazardous seismic areas, violent winds or high altitude. Hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy resin (HCEP) is an available option to increase capabilities with some of these application conditions. Simplified handling and transportation are results of lower weight and dimensions.

Product is well suited for use in metering applications, due to exceptional accuracy. Excellent frequency response, allows the ARTECHE product to be successfully applied in power quality monitoring and harmonics measurement.