III Photo and video contest of Arteche

19 Jul 2017

Following a successful second edition, in which more than 100 photographs and videos were submitted, the Arteche Group would like to extend you an invitation to the III. artPhoto Photography and Video Contest.

The three photographs and the video which, in the jury’s view, best reflect the usage and impact of electric power in each category will be awarded with an electrical skate, capable of a speed of 12km/h and a range of 20km.

The competition, free and open to anyone who wishes to participate, will finish on October 31st.

The categories are:

  • Life and power: these should be reflective of the impact of electric power in the daily life of people and society, its influence in daily occurrences of each one of us in any possible view: how electricity offers us light, warmth, how it moves us or how it part of our entertainment.
  • Infrastructure and electric equipment: the impact of power in our life would be impossible without the needed infrastructure and equipment generation, transmission and power distribution which permits us to use it in our advantage and which mold our landscapes.
  • ARTECHE products: compositions including any ARTECHE product.
  • ARTECHE video: short videos which show, in any circumstance, some ARTECHE product.

Further information can be consulted through the following link.

III Photo and video contest of Arteche