Inelap receives the science and technology award of the Mexican Republic

Inelap receives science technology award Mexican Republic

The Mexican Government has awarded the State Prize for Science and Technology 2012 in the Technology category to INELAP, an Arteche Group company. This company focuses on the manufacture and marketing of solutions that improve the quality of electrical power supply, and this award recognizes “its contribution to progress in technological development and innovation”.

This award, granted by the Mexican Science and Technology Council (COMECYT) since 2004, highlights INELAP's contribution to several wind and electrical power generation projects carried out in this country and abroad. These projects use sophisticated equipment and electrical components to provide “significant savings through more efficient, continuous and safe power consumption”.

COMECYT has also recognized INELAP’s track record by granting financial support to continue the development of smaRTNotch technology.

Congratulations to the entire PQ team!