Instantaneous relays

High performance safety relays and contactors for protection, regulation and interconnection in command and control circuits

Instantaneous relays

Also known as monostable relays, instantaneous contacts change instantaneously from non-working position to working position when its coil is energized, returning to the initial non-working position when the coil is no more fed. Arteche instantaneous relays ensure an optimal response. Their performance and possibilities makes them an optimal choice for safety-critical applications or when reliability within an extended lifecycle is a must:

  • DI and V: Relays with coil protection
  • SY: Relays with seismic characteristic, intended for applications with frequent vibration and shocks
  • R, XR and UR: High speed and ultra high speed relays. For more info please visit trip relays
  • Contactor relays: Ideally suited to operate high load and highly inductive loads

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