Introducing our 2020 Annual Report

8 Jun 2021
In 2020 we have focused on growth, innovation, customers and people

We present our 2020 Annual Report which goes over the main milestones of a year in which we focused on growth, innovation, customers and people, and we look to the future with the aim of continuing to be a leading, global, diverse, innovative and sustainable company.

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Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement

Our trading volume grew by 2.8% when compared to the previous period. Arteche's products are installed in more than 175 countries around the world, and we make 74% of our purchases from local suppliers, thus collaborating in the reduction of our environmental footprint. 

Our commitment to the environment is crucial to our business, which is why we have reduced water consumption by 32%, diesel and petrol consumption by 48%, and increased the recycling of hazardous waste by 15%.


Innovation, a transformational attitude in the sector

At Arteche, innovation is an attitude. This is demonstrated by our dedication to R&D, with a team of 150 professionals and an investment of more than 120,000 hours per year. In order to stay at the forefront of the sector, we are constantly working on R&D projects and we collaborate with other entities. In addition, 30% of our projects have been carried out with external collaboration.


Customers in 175 countries rely on us for their most complex applications

90% of the world's utilities trust Arteche, and we are approved in more than 1,500 at a global level. Trust and the pursuit of excellence are the basis for long-lasting relationships with our clients. In 2020, more than 55% of our customers have been repeat customers and we have achieved an 8.7 satisfaction level on average with all of them. 

Customers in 175 countries

We have the largest energy source in the universe: The People

But of all this would not be possible if we were oblivious to the fact that people are the soul of the organization. We believe in diversity, inclusion, equality and respect, and taking care of our team is key to being able to respond to energy challenges. We offer stability, with more than 75% of our staff having permanent contracts; we are committed to training, with more than 35,000 hours invested; and we continue to generate employment opportunities - a total of 550 this year.


Although 2020 has been a bittersweet year due to the global situation, for Arteche it has been positive, and we continue to move forward with our sights set on our goals and on adding energy. 

You can find more information about this and other milestones in our Annual Report 

Introducing our 2020 Annual Report