Introducing our 2021 Annual Report

27 Jul 2022
In 2021, we have focused on environmental, social and corporate governance, and on our values of innovation, excellence, customers and people

We present our 2021 Annual Report, a document that reviews the main milestones of the year, including the debut at BME Growth and the 75th anniversary of the Arteche Group.

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Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement




Net income

€285,9m (+3,7% vs20) €282m (+6,6% vs20) €26,1m ((9,3% EBITDA margin) €8,5m (+730% vs 20)

The energy sector is a sector of the future, in which we foresee a greater consumption of environmentally-friendly energies. A future we are building together.

Our goal is to continue growing to become stronger, more solid, more sustainable and also more international. But always remembering where we come from, and what our roots have been for 75 years.

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Innovation, an attitude to transform the sector

R&D investment

R&D projects

Business volume dedicated to R&D

Effort in products with a life of less than 10 years

9,5 M€ >100 3% 65%

In line with our aim to continue responding to energy challenges, we have a whole series of sustainable, technological and social challenges when it comes to focusing on Innovation: 

  • Electrification, offering solutions for the efficient mobility and reliable interconnection of renewable energy generation.
  • Decarbonization as an essential part of the Circular Economy and the use of sustainable designs and materials in our equipment and solutions.
  • Digitalization of the Electricity Grid, monitored, automated, predictive, secure and intelligent, which requires us to develop, master and incorporate the enabling technologies of the digital world (artificial and experiential intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Cybersecurity, etc.).
  • Decentralization supported by Industry 4.0 to provide remote tools and predictive systems that support decision making to the teams and infrastructures operating in the network.
  • Democratization of knowledge to acquire, manage and develop the necessary talent to offer innovative solutions to our clients.

More Information on Innovation in our 2021 Arteche Annual Report

We are trusted by customers in 175 countries 

Countries with Arteche equipment and solutions

Utilities that trust Arteche around the world

Average years of relationship with our main customers

Recurring customers

175 >90% >30 >55%

At Arteche we are proud of being part of the transformation of the electric sector, of being close to our customers, of adding value to them and being next to them in the development of the electric networks in over 175 countries, always distinguishing ourselves for our vocation for service and closeness.

Together we are building the power grid of the future. That is why we always work with our focus on the Customer. Proximity and quality service are traits that have characterized us during our 75 years of history, and we work every day to provide the best solutions to each of your needs.

More Information on Clients in our 2021 Arteche Annual Report

We have the largest source of energy: people

Our team

Hours of training

Collaboration agreements with training entities

Personnel with indefinite term contracts

2,500 people 49,000 16 86%

We have formalized Grupo Arteche's commitment to people in the approval of the People Policy approved by the Board of Directors, whose basic principles are as follows:

  • Action regarding diversity, inclusion and equality.
  • Action regarding selection and talent.
  • Action regarding performance evaluations and talent management.
  • Action regarding training and talent development.
  • Action regarding compensation and benefits (remuneration policy).
  • Work ethics.

Those of us who are part of Arteche are key players in this shared journey Our commitment is to move forward together, #MovingTogether

More Information on People in our 2021 Arteche Annual Report

Introducing our 2021 Annual Report