High Voltage Combined Transformers

High Voltage Combined Transformers up to 245 kV

KA Series – HV Combined Transformers

KA Series – HV Combined Transformers

Arteche KA is a combined transformer series up to 245 kV. They use an oil paper insulated capacitive bushing with several shields for proper electrical fi eld distribution.

These instrument Transformers have a very high and invariable accuracy (up to 0.1%) steady for the operational life of the equipment, with maximum reliability, also a wide range of primary currents: from 1 to 5000 A. and a short circuit current up to 120 kA/1s.

Arteche KA Series has a wide range of applications: Very high or low currents, extreme temperatures,etc

Documentation and Downloads

Datasheet Serie KA - Transformadores Combinados AT
Datasheet KA Series – Combined Transformers
Datasheet Linha KA - Transformadores Combinados
Datasheet Série KA - Transformateurs Combinés HT
Manual de Usuario Transformadores de Intensidad, inductivos y combinados
User Manual Current, Inductive and Combined Instrument Transformers
Manual do Usuario de Transformadores de corrente, indutivos e combinados
Manuel de l'utilisateur Transformateurs de courant, inductifs et combinés
Руководство пользователя Трансформаторы тока, индуктивные и комбинированные
Instrukcja obsługi Przekładniki prądowe indukcyjne i kombinowane
Benutzerhandbuch Strom-, Induktiv- und kombinierte Transformatoren

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