Ciclo de Vida Transformadores de Medida

Arteche has more than 70 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of Instrument Transformers.

Over the years, we have created close bonds with our customers, by fostering collaboration beyond the supply of a product, thus accompanying them throughout the life of the equipment as well. This has allowed us to develop knowledge of the key factors that influence the equipment's correct operation - from its installation in the field to the end of its life cycle.

In addition, Arteche's participation in IEC Working Groups, CIGRÉ committees, and other international collaboration groups allows us to learn and provide knowledge regarding the latest advances in materials, installations, test instrumentation, electrical phenomena, etc. We can help you know what affects the correct functioning of the equipment, how to measure it, and how to assess the results obtained.

Having Arteche's support during the whole life of your transformer guarantees your peace of mind and the sense of security that comes with having an expert at your side. 

We offer:

  • Assembly Supervision
  • Pre-operational testing 
  • Commissioning Supervision
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Service
  • Status and Operation Diagnostics
  • Warranty Extensions