Ciclo de Vida Sistemas de Automatización de Subestaciones

The Protection and Control System of an electrical substation is a quite complex system, integrated by a multitude of components, many of which come from different manufacturers. In addition, to perform its function correctly, this system must communicate with the rest of the equipment and systems that conform the substation. An anomaly in any of the components can generate alarms or even inadequate tripping, and the identification of this situation requires a very deep knowledge of the operation of the system.

Arteche counts with expert teams across different geographies ready to assist you to optimize your system's performance.

We offer:

  • Protection and Control Systems Operation Training 
  • Protection coordination studies
  • Pre-operational testing
  • Support during energizing stage
  • Support during operation 
  • System expansions or modifications
  • Advising on automatic tripping and disconnection schemes by load, frequency
  • Advising on Remote Protections Reading Systems
  • Electrical fault analysis